German CodeRage this week

I just finished recording my two sessions for CodeRage Germany:

Example for a multi-platform Delphi component

  • Cached Updates with FireDAC

Both sessions are in German and I can honestly say that the virtual concept of conferences might never grow on me. I held two sessions — where is the beer in the evening?! That’s where you meet the most people and get into discussions… 

Thankfully, there will also be two in-person Delphi events in Germany this year:

Still, all CodeRage-s have always been very interesting and useful events that you can learn a lot of interesting things about Delphi and C++. Hope to “see” you there!

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Delphi Code Camp: Component Development with Delphi

We’re already at the last day of the Delphi Code Camp in Frankfurt…

As my posts about component development in the last year triggered some huge interest, I considered it a good idea to offer that topic as a Code Camp with Bernd Ua.

As assumed the crowd surely was divided between people that have not developed any components at all and some already have developed lots of components and were looking for insights. That made it very difficult for Bernd and myself to find a path for everybody to keep it interesting. Also not too lose the beginners in the more advances stages is key.

During the morning we covered all the basics with examples for the VCL and also diving into the VCL source itself to explain particular snippets and what the reasoning behind that was. We covered most OOP aspects of Delphi in great detail. At the end of the morning everybody had the first self-developed component in the IDE up and ready.

In the afternoon we tried to span the arc over FireMonkey that gives you the option to develop components for multiple platforms. We covered the differences between the frameworks and developed a basic component.

Styles play a major role in FireMonkey so we looked at those starting by redesigning a standard component and then designing a new component just using styles.

We closed the day by giving an outlook to a different approach of multi-platform multi-framework development: FNC by TMS Software. These components offer a way to develop components for multiple platforms with multiple frameworks.

Due to the amount of content and the heat in the room (thank you to the venue for not investing in an AC system….), everybody was pretty exhausted in the end.

Still, we were able to put a smile on people’s faces with some Delphi-Love TMS mugs (see pictures)…

All in all the feedback for the Code Camp sessions was very positive. With Spring4D ORM, REST and Component Development the Camp offered a wide variety of subjects that every Delphi developer should have in his tool belt.

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Delphi Code Camp: REST APIs with Bernd Ua

Bernd Ua talks about REST APIs in Delphi today. With regard to the numbers, REST seems to have become the Delphi topic that draws major interest. As you can see in the pictures, the room is packed.

Still, as the whole day is being dedicated to this topic, Bernd will be able to include the audience’s questions and feedback into his talk.

If you think “Oh, drat, I missed this!”. Bernd will be talking at the EKON this fall!

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Delphi Code Camp in Frankfurt: Spring4D ORM with Stefan Glienke

I am at the Delphi Code Camp in Frankfurt. Today, Stefan Glienke of Spring 4D-fame is diving deep into Spring 4D ORM. 

As usual, the Delphi Code Camp offers a very personal learning experience. There is plenty of time to answer all the questions of the attendees. As Stefan is the primary architect of the framework, the amount of information covered is extensive and very detailed.

Tomorrow, Bernd Ua will talk about REST APIs in Delphi, followed by a Friday filled with component development topics.

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