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Video: Adding web design with Bootstrap 4 to a TMS Web Core application

Another video in the School Data Series adds professional modern web design to the web application that was built in the previous video. It is a common misconception that the form designer restricts the design capabilities of web frameworks built with Delphi. Giving a practical example will make it very easy for you to build your own projects with web design.

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Video: Creating a database-driven, interactive Google Maps web application with Delphi Rio

Part 2 of the School Data Video Series shows you how to write a web application that offers an interactive Google Map with data that is taken from a database. In order to access the database it uses the REST web service that was built in part 1.

The video shows by giving easy to follow step-by-step instructions:

  • Getting to know the data in the database
  • Build REST queries in the web browser
  • Implement a TMS Web Core application
    • Access the REST web service
    • Request data
    • Add markers to the Google Map component
    • Use a special,

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4. deutsche CodeRage am 26. Juni 2019

Am 26. Juni 2019 findet die 4. deutsche CodeRage statt. CodeRage ist der aus dem Amerikanischen übernommene Neologismus zur Bezeichnung der Online-Konferenz zu den Programmiersprachen Delphi und C++ Builder:

Ich danke dem Organisator, Matthias Eißing, für die Einladung auch in diesem Jahr einen Vortrag halten zu dürfen. In diesem Jahr werde ich eine Methode zur schnellen Anwendungsentwicklungen von Desktopanwendungen für mehrere Plattformen vorstellen,

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Video: Developing a Database-driven Web Application with Delphi Rio and TMS Web Core

Delphi is the number one tool for developing Desktop applications on and for Windows. There is little opposition to this statement. A couple of years ago, the compiler for 64-Bit Windows was also released. Having the VCL at your mercy and extensive database connectivity included in the product, Delphi is also at the top whenever databases come into the mix.

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