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New Delphi book with hands-on examples!

In the last couple of weeks, all my blog posts mostly focused on my TMS WEB Core book, which was published in English and German. It is available in many Amazon stores (if it is not directly available in your region, order from a country close to you,

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TMS WEB Core book in English: Available NOW worldwide

UPDATE 3/31: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you might not be able to order the book as usual from Amazon. Please see the bottom of this post where you can order. Thank you.

As teased a couple of days ago, the English version of the book is available.

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TMS WEB Core: English manuscript uploaded to publisher

I just uploaded the manuscript of the English book to the publisher. I will receive a proof print within the next few days, but I do expect some delays in the printing and delivery process due to the impact of COVID-19. I think we all can understand that Amazon will prioritize other products that help people cope with this pandemic.

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TMS WEB Core: Update on English Book and Digital Edition

English Book

At the beginning of the month, the German paperback edition of my first Delphi book about TMS WEB Core was released worldwide on Amazon.

  • US:
  • DE:

We also announced an English version of the book as soon as possible.

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