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5-Minute-Snack: Build a Web Service to access Exchange servers

Data access has always been the number one feature that distinguished Delphi from another development environments. Still, in recent years there has been some criticism that Delphi has not kept up. Since the integration of AnyDAC as FireDAC a few years ago, the situation has changed again.

FireDAC is one of the best data-access frameworks and it has become part of Delphi.

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High-school intern shows how to use modern APIs with Delphi in an impressive way

“Delphi is just for old developers…”

Granted, this is a long title, but it needed to catch your attention. Just recently, I had several discussions about the value of Delphi and that only old developers use it. First, it is politically incorrect to refer to someone as ‘old’.

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5-Minute-Snack: Reading Twitter Feeds in a Delphi VCL app

After a long time, a new 5-Minute-Snack for Delphi desktop application developers that still love the VCL as much as I do… (I can also tell you about one thing that I 100% dislike: the new WordPress editor aka Gutenberg. What a mess! I am a developer, so please let me type my post and be done with it.

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ORM mit Delphi: TMS Aurelius Free Edition

TMS Software hat diese Woche eine kostenlose Version Ihres ORM Werkzeuges ‘TMS Aurelius’ veröffentlicht. Die neue Version unterstützt nun Delphi 10.3 Rio.

Im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen kostenlosen Produkten, hat die kostenlose Version keinerlei Funktionseinschränkungen gegenüber der kostenpflichtigen Version. Selbst die Nutzung innerhalb kommerzieller Anwendungen ist gestattet. Alle Features,

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