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Updating FNC Maps book examples to support Apple MapKit

When I released the second “Hands on with Delphi” book about TMS FNC Maps, the framework did not support Apple MapKit. This has changed with the introduction of version 1.2 which was announced yesterday.

In the book, you develop an application to store API keys for multiple mapping providers that is used by a lot of the examples.

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20 years TMS Software…

TMS Software is celebrating its 20th anniversary! Time really flies. Bruno Fierens was one of the first “Delphi people” I got in touch with after starting software development with Delphi. Of course, I had no means to meet him in person.

I started using Delphi when I was 16 years old.

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New Delphi book with hands-on examples!

In the last couple of weeks, all my blog posts mostly focused on my TMS WEB Core book, which was published in English and German. It is available in many Amazon stores (if it is not directly available in your region, order from a country close to you,

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TMS WEB Core: Webanwendungen mit Delphi entwickeln

Es fühlt sich so an, als ob ich vor einer Ewigkeit ein Buch zu TMS WEB Core angekündigt habe. Nun ist es endlich soweit! Das Buch in deutscher Sprache zum Framework zur Entwicklung von Webanwendungen mit Delphi ist ab sofort weltweit über Amazon verfügbar:

Die beste Nachricht für englischsprachige Delphi-Entwickler: Die englische Sprachfassung wird in Kürze folgen!

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