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To page or not to page…comparing multi-platform grids using paging

We still appreciate Delphi for its ease to hook up visual components to data that is stored in any kind of database. Connection, Query, Datasource, TDBGrid, press F9.

As a Delphi developer you do not really have to think about what is going on in the background. You have even the ease and comfort that edit,

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TDBAdvGrid, TAdvStringGrid: Setting intelligent default values while editing

Nothing is more boring than typing the same thing over and over again. Especially, if there are only a few exceptions to the rule. Yet again, I built up my sample data from the LEGO Dimensions world.

You do not need to know what LEGO Dimensions is to understand the example.

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TDbAdvGrid: Common mistake when adding records using the grid

There are always subtle differences when you compare the standard VCL components to their much more feature-rich counterparts from profressional component sets.

When you start using TDBAdvGrid in your database projects you will definitely run into the “issue” that will I describe here. The biggest annoyance¬†when encountering this is that you basically will start looking for a fix to the problem in the wrong place as you never expect the issue to be related to the setup of the visual component.

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