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Hardcover for new Delphi book now available!

There has been plenty of feedback regarding my previous books. One common suggestion was to offer a hardcover version that could be placed on the desk with a robust spine. Also, wear and tear is significantly less of an issue.

Thankfully, Amazon now allows authors to create a hardcover version which is what I have done for “Multi-tier,

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New book cover and table of contents

As the proof reading process is still ongoing, I want to share the table of contents and the final title of the book. I decided to call it “Multi-tier, cross-platform data access and visualization in grids” as part of the Hands-on with Delphi series.

My wife yet again designed a wonderful,

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Summary of VCL Video Tutorials this week (38/19)

Another week flew by and there are 3 new tutorial videos on YouTube.

On Monday, TMS published the webinar how to Modernize your Applications for Windows 10 technologies using TMS components. In this webinar, you’ll learn about modern VCL controls, web application development, multi-framework development, cross-platform development and frameworks that are available to build multi-tier database (VCL) applications.

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[German] 5-Minuten-Snack: Einführung ins Styling der VCL

Es handelt sich um die deutsche Übersetzung eines Artikels (Link). Die Übersetzung erfolgte durch den Autor und nicht maschinell.

Ich habe mich mit einer Funktion der VCL bisher gar nicht beschäftigt: Styling. Ich erstelle in der Regel keine Anwendungungen für einen Industriezweig in dem das grafische Design einer Anwendung eine bedeutende Beachtung finden würde –

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