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TMS Web Core: Form Inheritance for RAD

In my last blog post, I stepped on the toes of OOP-purists. I will try to make up for it… Without getting into the discussion of software architecture, class inheritance is one of the pillars of building object-oriented applications. It is still a mystery to me how one of the most popular programming languages of the 1990s called itself ‘object oriented’

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Flexibility of VCL and FMX programming …using events or properties

The following example might seem rather trivial, but I could not help but think about if there was a downside to any of the two….

Here’s the example: I have a grid that allows the data in it to be edited. Furthermore, I added a checkbox to the form that is to make the grid read only when checked:


Reason for this is that I do not want to get into edit mode by accident.

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