Delphi Code Camp: REST APIs with Bernd Ua

Bernd Ua talks about REST APIs in Delphi today. With regard to the numbers, REST seems to have become the Delphi topic that draws major interest. As you can see in the pictures, the room is packed. Still, as the

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5-Minute-Snack: Exporting data using FireDAC

Happy New Year! A couple of weeks ago I showed how to use FireDAC to import text data into datasets. Furthermore, Local SQL was used to filter and make other changes to the data. Delphi also offers very simple means

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Convert an object instance into a JSON string and making use of custom attributes

Delphi has become very flexible when it comes to handling JSON data. However, as I had to find out myself today: to get to know about this flexibility is a chore. First of all, the documentation never tells us to look

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