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Summer’s Over! ‘How it works with Holger’ will be back next week!

We all needed a Summer Break and How it Works with Holger has not been the exception. After taking a break for a couple of weeks, How it works with Holger will be back next week.

Get ready for something really useful to better organize your photo collection that might have grown over the summer.

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High-school intern shows how to use modern APIs with Delphi in an impressive way

“Delphi is just for old developers…”

Granted, this is a long title, but it needed to catch your attention. Just recently, I had several discussions about the value of Delphi and that only old developers use it. First, it is politically incorrect to refer to someone as ‘old’.

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5 Minute Snack: TMSWebGMaps: How to zoom in on all markers — reliably

I already posted about how easy it is to add markers to a map using TMSWebGMaps in a VCL Forms Application. However, the documentation is rather slim on how to focus the map on all the markers added. You might find the method MapZoomTo  sooner or later.

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Downloading Delphi Examples from CodeCentral using Google Chrome isn’t “dangerous”

Chrome thinks downloading code samples from Embarcadero Code Central is dangerous….

Every developer has woes with anti-virus tools or other means that are installed on a workstation to protect it from malicious content. As it is, a developer actually does create executable code and if you use an incremental compiler that comiler does write changes to an existing executable that might also be considered a dangerous action by an anti-virus tool.

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