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High-school intern shows how to use modern APIs with Delphi in an impressive way

“Delphi is just for old developers…”

Granted, this is a long title, but it needed to catch your attention. Just recently, I had several discussions about the value of Delphi and that only old developers use it. First, it is politically incorrect to refer to someone as ‘old’.

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CData releases new Enterprise data sources with 2019 update

CData Enterprise data connectors have been a great addition to RAD Studio in recent years. All connectors extend the TFDConnection component of the FireDAC library which is the preferred library to access data with Delphi these days. Accessing any of the sources means writing SQL queries and using well-known database components even though you might not be working with a database in the backend (e.g.

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TMS FNC UI Beta: Beta release announces upcoming Table View component for the FNC Framework is offering an inside look into the coming version of FNC UI in form of a Beta version for all registered customers.

After presenting a Ribbon component with version 2.0 — i.e. you can use the same component in VCL, FMX, LCL for all targets that Delphi offers —

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Neue Video Tutorials über TMS FNC

Sie alle wissen, dass ich von Delphi weiterhin begeistert bin und den darin enthaltenen Technologien, die unser Leben als Programmierer erleichtern. Allerdings war ich schon lange nicht mehr so begeistert, wie nach meiner letzten “Entdeckung”. Sie haben vielleicht mitbekommen, dass ich FNC in einigen meiner letzten Beiträge erwähnt habe und ich FNC auch in meinen Votrag in Frankfurt während des letzten Delphi Code Camps einbezogen habe.

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