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Delphi turns 25 years old today…


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Building modern user interfaces with the VCL

It is an old myth, and I have grown rather tired of defending it. However, a while ago I built a use case and proof of concept for TMS Software that made use of their new SVG vector graphic support in the VCL. As TMS makes clear, their SVG support is aimed to build modern user-interfaces for multiple devices with different resolutions.

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Coming up in 2020…

It is always good to have a New Year’s resolution. This is the list that I prepared for FlixEngineering this year:

That is also the reason there are not many posts on this blog right now. Work on the book keeps me pretty busy.

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Static Code Analysis with TMS FixInsight

Learn how to make use of Static Code Analysis during your development process with Delphi in the following introductory video about TMS FixInsight. The tool helps you to prevent common programming errors and abide by common code conventions easily before you hand off your software to your testers.

The video is available in German and English.

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