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How it Works With Holger LIVE #2! Modern Delphi with IOUtils and TDateTime Feb 7 @ 11 EST

The first episode of How it Works with Holger LIVE was streamed this week. It is available as a recording on the channel.

Please join me for episode 2 on February 7 @ 11am EST (see other times in the table below).

I will be talking about the new possibilities with IOUtils and also have a look at TDateTime.

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TOMORROW! How it works with Holger LIVE

Don’t forget. Tomorrow! First episode of How it works with Holger LIVE!

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How it Works With Holger goes LIVE! Looking at FireDAC and SQLite first!

The new year is just flying by! It’s already past mid-January… but you know yourselves that time seems to tick by faster when you keep busy.

In the last weeks, I have been busy to prepare a LIVE streaming version of “How it Works with Holger”! Yes, you will have the opportunity to watch a session and be able to ask question.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas! All the best for 2023; may all your dreams and plans for the next year become a reality.

On a different note… the Holiday Sale will still be going on until January…

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