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Video: Developing a Database-driven Web Application with Delphi Rio and TMS Web Core

Delphi is the number one tool for developing Desktop applications on and for Windows. There is little opposition to this statement. A couple of years ago, the compiler for 64-Bit Windows was also released. Having the VCL at your mercy and extensive database connectivity included in the product, Delphi is also at the top whenever databases come into the mix.

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Embarcadero introduces MVP Regional Coordinators

I am proud an honored to be one of Embarcadero’s MVP Regional Coordinators. Loy and I will be coordinating the North America region. 

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Tutorial: Building database-driven Web Applications with TMS Web Core and XData

I recently started a new tutorial series about TMS Web Core. The first parts have already been published on the tmssoftware channel on YouTube. I created a playlist, so that you can easily follow the series in the correct order. Furthermore, you can subscribe to the playlist to get notifications about new videos in the series.

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Usability Upgrades to This Blog

In recent days, I have spent a significant amount of time making this blog better to use. First, I wanted to make sure that English speakers had the option to browse English posts only; obviously, I wanted the same for the German speakers. Consequently, the menu bar offers sub-menu items to browse English and German articles separately.

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