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How I create “How it Works with Holger”

Ever since starting the video series “How it works with Holger” last year, I have received multiple inquiries about hardware, software, and my general approach to recording these videos.

The following video will hopefully answer all your questions:

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Learn & Refresh: Using date and time in Delphi

Date and time values are always considered “special” in each programming language. Many modern object-oriented programming languages provide classes to handle date and time easily.

Delphi is no exception. Even though Delphi has been released in 1995 and that version did not provide a dedicated class for dates and time,

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Development for the Raspberry Pi with Delphi got even better!

A couple of weeks ago, TMS announced that it is possible to build native applications for the Raspberry Pi platform using TMS Miletus. TMS Miletus is a technology based on TMS WEB Core that creates cross-platform desktop applications using Web technology.

That does not only read amazing, it actually is amazing!

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Get more out of the new Delphi 11 Alexandria with hands-on examples!

You might have read that Embarcadero Technologies recently released a new version of Delphi (on 9/9/2021 at 11am ET to be precise)

The most exciting feature is that now you cannot only build applications for HiDPI displays, but the IDE is compatible with HiDPI displays as well!

As I do not want to leave anything out that might be important to you,

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