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Delphi Code Camp: REST APIs with Bernd Ua

Bernd Ua talks about REST APIs in Delphi today. With regard to the numbers, REST seems to have become the Delphi topic that draws major interest. As you can see in the pictures, the room is packed. Still, as the

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5-Minute-Snack: Using a Custom Delphi Component with FmxLinux

A couple of months ago, I described the Pexels component in detail. The component allows integration of pictures from Pexels.com into your Delphi application accessing the REST API provided. Furthermore, I described the necessary steps using inheritance and abstraction that

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Google Maps in Delphi with TMS WebGMaps: Adding custom routes

Embarcadero delivers controls to retrieve data from REST APIs with Delphi rather easily. Still, reading into these APIs takes time and you need even more time to work out all the oddities that arise not mentioned in the documentation. I presented a couple

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5 Minute Snack: Retrieve data from a RESTful API and import into a dataset using the REST library (II/II)

In part I we only used the design-time support of the components. As a reminder, this is what our application will look like: Our base is an assortment of controls found in the Embarcadero REST library that is delivered with

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