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Delphi Code Camp in Frankfurt: Spring4D ORM with Stefan Glienke

I am at the Delphi Code Camp in Frankfurt. Today, Stefan Glienke of Spring 4D-fame is diving deep into Spring 4D ORM. 

As usual, the Delphi Code Camp offers a very personal learning experience. There is plenty of time to answer all the questions of the attendees.

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5-Minute-Snack: Connecting with TDataSource to datasets in FireMonkey using FNC

I grew up with the VCL in Delphi. After building user interfaces (or dialogs) with Turbo Pascal for Windows it was a blessing. I intentionally left out the console app interfaces that we had to build before Windows made additional memory a requirement.

When I taught classes at university in 2007 the young students were not able to appreciate the work that a framework like the VCL or .NET Winforms takes off our shoulders.

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5-Minute-Snack: Loading big images into TImage without flicker

Loading images into a TImage component is easy. We do this during design-time most of the time. In the other cases it is mostly a call to LoadFromFile and we are done.

Recently, I had the task to display several images with a timer delay. Again, very simple to implement,

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5-Minute-Snack: Hiding or changing the mouse cursor system-wide

At first look, this might seem like a very easy task. Especially, when you simply want to hide the mouse cursor, you will find the method 

function ShowCursor; external user32 name ‘ShowCursor’;

in the Windows API.

Simply state…

ShowCursor( False );

..and the mouse cursor disappears.

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