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5 Minute Snack: Preparing imported data for visualization, data cleansing

The last snack showed how easy it is to read textual data into a database with Delphi and FireDAC.

However, most of the times we cannot be happy just yet. Creating a good user-experience is our major concern at all times and we want to offer our users easy to read information.

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Delphi History: The Turbo Comeback

Who still remembers the comeback of the Turbo editions? Back in the day the community was calling for a “Free Delphi” from Borland, especially as Microsoft was flooding the developer tools market with Visual Studio Express.

Borland reacted and initiated the Turbo editions. I was recently reminded of this,

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5 Minute Snack: Accessing comma-separated files in Delphi

Reading comma-separated or tab-separated data from text files (also known as “flat files”) is a rather common task that developers have to deal with. For that reason most 3rd party frameworks offer methods to import data into their grids and databases.

I was really surprised how easy and flexible it was to read this kind of data with Delphi.

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Component Development: Using asynchronous, non-blocking web requests (II/II)

This is part two of this post. The first post tackled asynchronous web requests using the REST library from Embarcadero that is shipped with new versions of Delphi.

Now we will turn our attention to the web request that downloads an image from the web. I will use two components that are part of Delphi as well and can be used mutli-platform without any restrictions.

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