Month: August 2016

Convert an object instance into a JSON string and making use of custom attributes

Delphi has become very flexible when it comes to handling JSON data. However, as I had to find out myself today: to get to know about this flexibility is a chore. First of all, the documentation never tells us to look

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Component Development: Publishing events from ancestors

When developing a new component and deriving from TGraphicControl  the list of events in the Object Inspector looks rather empty. Does this mean we have to implement any user interaction like OnDblClick  or OnClick  ourselves? If we look closer at

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Component Development: Adding AutoSize to your component

TImage  is one of the most famous graphical components of the VCL that offers ‘Auto Size’. The size of the component depends on its content. Perfect to make things easy for the developer. Once again, I refer to my demo

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Component Development: Picking a base class

VCL, FMX or any component library contains hundreds of classes. That sometimes makes it very hard to find a class to derive from. The first question you have to ask yourself: Do you write a completely new control or do

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