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TDBAdvGrid: Editing boolean values of a SQLite dataset with the checkbox editor

I wanted to display and edit a boolean value from a dataset using a checkbox inside the grid. The dataset is a query from a SQLite database. Delphi does the major haul mapping the boolean value TBooleanField. Thus, we can assign boolean values to the field.

TDBAdvGrid has an editor (just like any other third party grid) for checkboxes.

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Flexibility of VCL and FMX programming …using events or properties

The following example might seem rather trivial, but I could not help but think about if there was a downside to any of the two….

Here’s the example: I have a grid that allows the data in it to be edited. Furthermore, I added a checkbox to the form that is to make the grid read only when checked:


Reason for this is that I do not want to get into edit mode by accident.

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To page or not to page…comparing multi-platform grids using paging

We still appreciate Delphi for its ease to hook up visual components to data that is stored in any kind of database. Connection, Query, Datasource, TDBGrid, press F9.

As a Delphi developer you do not really have to think about what is going on in the background. You have even the ease and comfort that edit,

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TDBAdvGrid, TAdvStringGrid: Setting intelligent default values while editing

Nothing is more boring than typing the same thing over and over again. Especially, if there are only a few exceptions to the rule. Yet again, I built up my sample data from the LEGO Dimensions world.

You do not need to know what LEGO Dimensions is to understand the example.

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