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How to terminate your Delphi application before it starts

It sounds like a contradiction: Why would you start you application and terminate it right away? Well, sometimes we can only “really” launch our main form if certain requirements are met.

  • Does my configuration file exist?
  • Can I connect to the database?
  • Do other data files exist?

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Amazing Flowchart Editor Controls for Delphi: TMS FNC Blox

For me, this is one of the hidden champs in TMS’ software portfolio. It is not a new product, but still a lot of Delphi developers miss out on this great component set!

It allows you to offer a design surface to build flowcharts. Each flowcharts consists of “blocks”

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Summer’s Over! ‘How it works with Holger’ will be back next week!

We all needed a Summer Break and How it Works with Holger has not been the exception. After taking a break for a couple of weeks, How it works with Holger will be back next week.

Get ready for something really useful to better organize your photo collection that might have grown over the summer.

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Coming soon! Introducing Holger’s Helpers: Real-world Delphi examples for your applications.

It’s awesome if you have learned all about a certain piece of technology: a new framework, a new component, a new version of Delphi… However, what good are all these technical details if you are not able to put them to use in your projects?

That’s what Holger’s Helpers are supposed to remedy.

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