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How it works: Create a self-updating Delphi application (automatic updates)

With the Internet being easily accessible with sufficient speed everywhere on the planet, it would be amazing if we had an easy way to keep our Delphi applications up-to-date on customer’s systems. Whenever we release a new version, users should be notified of an update and give them the opportunity to update if they would like to.

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Introducing a new tutorial video series for Delphi Developers!

Over the last 4 years, I have produced dozens of product announcements, tutorials, hands-on guides, feature reveals, and various conference sessions. All videos are available on the YouTube channel from TMS Software (

Last Friday, I was happy to announce a new cooperation with TMS Software called “How It Works With Holger”.

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Development for the Raspberry Pi with Delphi got even better!

A couple of weeks ago, TMS announced that it is possible to build native applications for the Raspberry Pi platform using TMS Miletus. TMS Miletus is a technology based on TMS WEB Core that creates cross-platform desktop applications using Web technology.

That does not only read amazing, it actually is amazing!

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Generate ‘.gitignore’ for Delphi, FreePascal, and other languages easily

Every version control system implements a concept to ignore files with a certain file extension to be included. In Git, you add a file named .gitignore to your directory that is to be added to version control. Each line in this file lists a filename, a wildcard expression,

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