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Pro SwiftUI by Paul Hudson is an essential read for any iOS Developer

You might have seen one or the other post from me referring to Swift. I do not make it a secret that I also spent quite some time in the Apple Swift world recently. Since Delphi in 1996, there really has not been a programming language that hooked me. However,

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Labor Day Discount! Create Web Services with Delphi – Online Video Course 20% off!

As it is Labour Day Weekend here in the US, I have decided to offer a discount of 20% in my latest (and first) XData course.

Please read the course announcement here, if you want more details.

Use this LINK to get the 20% promotion!

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How to use Delphi RAD with cross-platform in mind

So far, I have yet to meet a single developer who challenges me when saying that “Delphi is the best software development tool to develop native Windows applications using the Visual Component Library (VCL)”. Even if developers have moved on from Delphi, as long as people have learned Pascal,

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How to do “Delphi RAD” with Web services

Some developers claim that RAD is only possible for simple things. This post will show you that even complex things like Web services can easily be bound to your form controls with a few clicks!

Delphi bundles its own mapping control that allows the same approach using a dataset.

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