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Boo! Happy Halloween! …or: RADoween 2022 with discounts!

Trick or treat!

Happy Halloween, fellow Delphi developers!

Last year, TMS Software introduced RADoween. A term coined in the honor of a spooky Halloween-focused app that was built in just a few days. From conception to reality, it only took 5 days to implement a full blown multi-tier application with a responsive Web application presenting a wonderfully Halloween-themed UI that is suitable for any device and browser.

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Upcoming Hands-on Tutorial series tease: TMS WEB forms adapting to screen sizes (Responsive Design Example)

I had announced it a couple of weeks ago: My next video course will address a practical use case that we all need to tackle when developing applications: Our customers need to be able to contact us or leave feedback.

The tutorial will show an example for a multi-tier architecture including a relational SQL database (MySQL),

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Quick & easy data entry with intuitive UI for any data type in Delphi VCL Applications

Building forms in Delphi is easy. It’s what we love about Delphi. Drop components on a form, add the code to load and store data. Delphi makes these things very easy.

However, sometimes you want to be flexible and the parameters of the data entry are not 100% clear when you implement your application.

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How to terminate your Delphi application before it starts

It sounds like a contradiction: Why would you start you application and terminate it right away? Well, sometimes we can only “really” launch our main form if certain requirements are met.

  • Does my configuration file exist?
  • Can I connect to the database?
  • Do other data files exist?

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