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How to Develop Delphi Web Services with TMS XData online video course – 20% RAD discount!

Finally, I finished publication of my first video online course for Delphi developers. As Delphi all about Rapid Application Development, the course will have a RAD purchase option which will give you 20% off! You can either click on the link or use the coupon code RADPURCHASE.

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How to tackle Delphi RTTI

Talking to a a lot of Delphi developers I know for a fact, they do not even look at RTTI after looking up what the term stands for. The definition seems to be very intimidating. Also, developers rarely see a use case for it. However, being able to query which types are loaded in memory,

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“How it Works With Holger” Source code available online

Hands-on examples are key in all my presentations. “How it works with Holger” has shown dozens of different examples in recent months. I have gotten feedback from the community to offer the source code for download. It has taken me some time to finally get to it,

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Everything you need to know about … Holger’s first Delphi training course

I have to admit it has been rather quiet on the book front. However, that does not mean Holger has not been producing content.

Obviously, I am busy producing regular episodes of How it works with Holger. In case you have been living under a rock and missed it,

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