High-school intern shows how to use modern APIs with Delphi in an impressive way

“Delphi is just for old developers…”

Granted, this is a long title, but it needed to catch your attention. Just recently, I had several discussions about the value of Delphi and that only old developers use it. First, it is politically incorrect to refer to someone as ‘old’. They are older at best. Still, all joking aside, TMS Software has shown in the last few weeks that the reality is different if management actually gives a developer the chance to learn.

Brutin Bjorn only needed a couple of days to make the transition from C# and Delphi to realize that it is actually very comfortable, but there is even benefit to using it: He discovered the power of FNC that allows him to build multi-platform applications with a component set that spans multiple platform. Thus, if you start with a VCL application as the first demo application to work the kinks out, you can easily transfer that idea to FireMonkey using the same components.

He was able to built a web application that takes a photo and identifies what is shown in that photo using web APIs to access the camera, identify the content, and translate the output into the user’s language. On top of that, he used a speech API that speaks the output for people with hearing disabilities.

The following slideshow shows a few screenshots of the application in action. Get the full details here:

  • Take a picture of an object.
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