Video: Adding web design with Bootstrap 4 to a TMS Web Core application

Another video in the School Data Series adds professional modern web design to the web application that was built in the previous video. It is a common misconception that the form designer restricts the design capabilities of web frameworks built with Delphi. Giving a practical example will make it very easy for you to build your own projects with web design. You will also know how to include web designers into the development process of your web applications.

You will see how to transform this form…

…into this form:

To sum up the complete contents of the video:

  • Review of what has been developed so far
  • Replace Google Maps API marker with custom icon
  • Build a mockup for the design in Adobe Photoshop
  • Transfer the design into HTML with Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Add the web design to your existing project
  • Link TMS Web Core components to the new web design

You can find the video right here:

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