5 or 3 Minutes: The irony of wanting to stand out

5-Minute-Snacks have been part of this blog for quite some time. The name is a pun with a German soup that you can eat after 5 minutes, simply adding boiling water.

Never has it been my intent to be better or quicker than any other tool or software.

So, needless to say, I find it rather strange seeing “3-Minute” posts popping up in the Delphi blogosphere.

I guess, everything has to be better, faster, and newer these days. And just to keep it real: Posting a two-part 3-minute post makes it 6 minutes… grin

Be certain that the 5-Minute-Snacks will keep coming – from the regular, slow, and known source who has been part of the Delphi community for over 20 years. I will not enter in a timing contest.

Back to Delphi!


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