Tutorial: Building database-driven Web Applications with TMS Web Core and XData

I recently started a new tutorial series about TMS Web Core. The first parts have already been published on the tmssoftware channel on YouTube. I created a playlist, so that you can easily follow the series in the correct order. Furthermore, you can subscribe to the playlist to get notifications about new videos in the series.

I refer to the series as the ‘school series”. It explains how to connect your TMS Web Core application to a database and display all the information in a grid (video 1). The tutorial features more parts that show you how to build a Google Maps application that contains markers from data in the database (video 2). You’ll also learn how to add professional web design to any TMS Web Core application (video 3). 

The following parts will give examples how to build Google Charts that allow drill down into the data with popup-windows. The best thing about the series is that the database being used can be downloaded from the web, which makes it easy to reproduce all the examples. The examples are also available on GitHub.

Thus, without further ado, the link to the video playlist:

The source code of all the examples can be found here: https://github.com/holgerflick/SchoolsExamples

I hope you’ll enjoy the series, and your feedback is always welcome!

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