Usability Upgrades to This Blog

In recent days, I have spent a significant amount of time making this blog better to use. First, I wanted to make sure that English speakers had the option to browse English posts only; obviously, I wanted the same for the German speakers. Consequently, the menu bar offers sub-menu items to browse English and German articles separately.

Furthermore, blog posts with certain topics can be easier accessed: According to my site stats, 5-Minute-Snacks are one of people’s favorites. A sub-menu item gives a list of those only.

Finally, anything that has to do with Embarcadero MVP activities, like conferences, seminars, or other trainings, can be found in the “Embarcadero MVP” listing. 

Visual improvements have also been made. I got rid of unnecessary sidebars, footers etc. Furtmermore, the font has been changed to a clear, sharp Google web font. 

I hope you like the improvements. As always, your feedback is always welcome.