Community influence on TMS Web: How to handle errors? Vote!

Delphi has always been known for its great community. This statement does not only have implications for developers that can exchange knowledge with each together. It also refers to the fact that developers and third-party companies always exchange knowledge and suggestions with each other.

TMS Web will be an innovative, modern Web Framework for Delphi created by TMS Software. Community interest is very high! This has been shown by the interest in my CodeRage session last week (German: and also by attendance feedback on recent TMS events (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, US Podcast, …).

It will be released shortly and thus the team is busy tinkering to make the features enjoyable to use and easy to access. One of the recent questions that came up was how to notify the developer of run-time errors. This is not as easy as it seems as the app runs in a Web Browser that is completely independent of the Delphi IDE. Still, there are many options to notify the developer in the browser.

Bruno Fierens, CEO of TMS Software, asks for community feedback which of the options to focus on here ( Vote there if you want to make sure that the next great product from TMS includes your feedback!

This is yet another excellent example how not only the community works together, but also how third parties try to amend the tools to the wishes of the community! Who is to know better than people who used Delphi on a daily basis?

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