5-Minute-Snack: What’s been going on?

You might have noticed that I have gotten rather quiet these last few months and there are two major reasons for that:

At the beginning of September of 2017 I was on vacation in Florida and as you surely remember, the state was hit by Hurricane Irma. The backlash was unimaginable for a resident of Germany. It was quite a lot to deal with mentally and physically. My flights were canceled and traveling back to Germany was delayed. 

Thus, it just so happened that somebody ran a red light and hit the car I was a passenger in with about 55 mph. We were hardly moving as we were taking a left turn. For legal reasons, I will not post any images of the car wreck. 

To this day first responders, police, doctors and friends call it a miracle that we survived the impact.

The front of the car was completely “gone” , but for some reason the driver and passenger metal cage prevailed and sustained the impact. The airbags also deployed, we were wearing our safety belts and were able to escape from the burning vehicle in time.

For me, the injuries were mainly mental, the driver was hit more severe and is still coping with the injuries to this very day.

That means in the last months, I needed to put things into perspective and spent a lot of time working on things without any public involvement.

One of these things has already become public knowledge: TMS Web. A wonderful, new, modern Web Framework for Delphi! I have been busy producing video and textual content and served as a tester and consultant for that project. 

Today, I finally had an idea for another 5 Minute Snack that I will publish shortly.



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