New video series about Framework Neutral Controls – FNC

You all know I am enthusiastic about Delphi and associated technologies that make our life as a programmer easier. However, I have not been this enthusiastic in a long time. You noticed that I mentioned FNC in some of my earlier posts and I also included FNC in one of my talks in Frankfurt during the last Delphi Code Camp.

Since looking more and more into FNC it has really dawned on me how much time and in the end money one can save using FNC at the core of your development in future Delphi applications. Furthermore, it can be easily included in existing applications as it plays nicely with other frameworks.

So, to repeat again: FNC are a set of Framework Neutral Controls that can be used in Delphi, C++ and Lazarus in any of the supported frameworks of those languages to produce applications for any of the supported targets. The components work the same way in any language and any framework. It sounds impossible, but FNC shows that it is.

Thus, if you know how to create a chart using FNC in a Delphi VCL froms application, you can copy and paste that code to a FireMonkey application and deploy it to a mobile target. The chart will be rendered precisely the same way paying attention to the restrictions of the target platform. For you, the properties, methods and events will stay the same and the learning curve is significantly lower than with any other component set as soon as multiple platforms come into the mix!

For all of you that prefer tutorial videos… I have a solution for you. I started a series on FNC a while ago. So far two videos have been released that give an introduction to FNC and dive deeper into the architecture of the framework. All videos – and future videos – are available in English and German. 

I like to point out that I do create two completely different tutorials for both languages. It is simply not possible to record one or the other first and then simply add a different audio track.

Here are the links to the first two videos:

1: Introduction
2: Components
1: Einführung
2: Komponenten
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