Downloading Delphi Examples from CodeCentral using Google Chrome isn’t “dangerous”

Chrome thinks downloading code samples from Embarcadero Code Central is dangerous….

Every developer has woes with anti-virus tools or other means that are installed on a workstation to protect it from malicious content. As it is, a developer actually does create executable code and if you use an incremental compiler that comiler does write changes to an existing executable that might also be considered a dangerous action by an anti-virus tool. I cannot count the instances my compiled executable got locked because of “abnormal behavior patterns”.

Just today, I ran into issues with CodeCentral. Most of the archives do include source code of some sort and Chrome is configured by default to protect us from that. Thus, downloading most of the content from CodeCentral becomes impossible:


To save you some time… In order to download you should temporarily change the settings as follows. Go to “Settings … > Advanced Settings … > Privacy”.

You will find a check box with the caption “Protect you and your device from dangerous sites”. Uncheck that and repeat the download. It will work like a charm.

Just be sure to re-check this security measure before you navigate to other web sites.


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