Hidden gems: Navigating datasets in the IDE

I have been using Delphi since version 2. Yes, that means since 1996. I always considered myself pretty solid when it comes to features that “have been there forever”. However, watching a video from fellow MVP (and Phd. 😉 ) Cary Jensen made the voice in my head say “You learn a new thing every day”. 

This is really a feature that has been there since Delphi 2, but I never noticed it. The documentation back then lacked that information as well, but it still is rather shocking to me why I missed it.

So, we have a pretty simple setup. Dataset with records loaded and grid showing these records. Easy-peasy setup. Dataset connects to the datasource, TDBGrid  connects to the datasource. We have been doing this for decades. Now, customizing the dataset, we can select columns and we can add calculated fields. That is all we can do with the “Fields Editor” — oh boy, was I wrong.

I never really paid attention to the buttons at the top. Whenever I wanted to navigate a dataset, I added a navigator control and ran the app! Navigating the dataset is possible using the fields editor though.

Here’s the proof, which still makes me blush — this went unnoticed for me since 1996.


Thanks, Carey! 

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