Boo! Happy Halloween! …or: RADoween 2022 with discounts!

Boo! Happy Halloween! …or: RADoween 2022 with discounts!

Trick or treat!

Happy Halloween, fellow Delphi developers!

Last year, TMS Software introduced RADoween. A term coined in the honor of a spooky Halloween-focused app that was built in just a few days. From conception to reality, it only took 5 days to implement a full blown multi-tier application with a responsive Web application presenting a wonderfully Halloween-themed UI that is suitable for any device and browser. The application is available world-wide and is an ideal show case for the power of TMS XData, TMS WEB Core, and other components from TMS.

The whole project is described here, and the page also includes a link for some candy-sweet trick-or-treat savings of 25% for TMS WEB Core for any IDE it is available for.

As TMS WEB Core and TMS XData play such an essential role in getting RADoween realized, I will join the spooky fun and will offer a time-limited 30% discount on my TMS XData video course.

Hurry, the link is only valid until Nov 4, 2022.

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