Amazing Flowchart Editor Controls for Delphi: TMS FNC Blox

Amazing Flowchart Editor Controls for Delphi: TMS FNC Blox

For me, this is one of the hidden champs in TMS’ software portfolio. It is not a new product, but still a lot of Delphi developers miss out on this great component set!

It allows you to offer a design surface to build flowcharts. Each flowcharts consists of “blocks” that can be connected with lines, arcs, and other connectors. Further, each element can be annotated. To make it even better, you can implement your own custom blocks for your charts. Also, not only does it allow creation and editing, it is also an amazing way to present data.

Look at this example. Instead of presenting a table that gives information of a solar system including data for each individual panel and the total energy production, it uses a chart.

Not only does this offer an attractive, modern look and feel, each of the elements in the chart is also interactive and events are available that allow you to implement more functionality that is easily accessible.

Diagrams can be saved and loaded from streams as well as files. Functionality to automatically align elements are available as well.

Have a look at two more recent features that were introduced.

First, you can now use vector graphics as blocks instead of creating blocks based on basic lines and shapes.

Second, you can design any shape as a building block for your flowchart.

Have a look at TMS FNC Blox. It surely will make your user interfaces more attractive and increase usability.

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