Coming soon! Introducing Holger’s Helpers: Real-world Delphi examples for your applications.

Coming soon! Introducing Holger’s Helpers: Real-world Delphi examples for your applications.

It’s awesome if you have learned all about a certain piece of technology: a new framework, a new component, a new version of Delphi… However, what good are all these technical details if you are not able to put them to use in your projects?

That’s what Holger’s Helpers are supposed to remedy. Nicely paced video tutorials that deal with one certain task or example that will serve as the base for functionality that can be added to your application. Holger’s Helpers will lift you over the edge to get to apply new technology. Theory is wonderful, but practice makes us all better software developers.

Your customers need an easy means to get in touch with you. E-Mail is still the best tool to get the job done, however, tracking an email in a team might be difficult. Thus, a lot of companies use contact forms or support request forms to give their customers the opportunity to reach them.

The first tutorial will explain the multi-tier architecture needed to build a customer contact form or feedback form. You will be able to customize it to your specific needs afterwards.

All parts of the project will be covered in detail and source code will be explained step-by-step:


A relational SQL database will be used. MySQL in this case. I will even provide a Docker Compose file so you can start right away without having to install a database server.

Web Application

Customers have to be able to leave feedback. What better way to offer a Web application that can be used on any device that supports a Web browser. TMS WEB Core will be used to make this happen. We will develop multiple applications starting with a very simple Web Application that will then become a modern, responsive Web Application using Bootstrap.

Management Windows Application

Requests need to be dealt with somewhere. For this purpose, we will build a VCL Windows Desktop application. You can filter to look at certain requests and can generate a reply E-Mail and archive requests that you have dealt with.

Web Service API

All these components communicate with each other through a Web Service API. This also opens up your whole architecture for further applications. For example, creating reports or adding a workflow with additional states for each contact request that you receive.

In a nutshell

I hope you see that this somewhat simple example already poses a lot of challenges. The basic definition of the use case offers a maximum of flexibility for you to extend and customize this.

Get ready now and prepare with existing content!

Obviously, Delphi programming skills are required. Also, basic knowledge of TMS XData and TMS WEB Core is expected. You do not need to be an expert in any of those areas as I will explain every piece of every application. However, there is no need to be unprepared. Wagner Landgraf, the wizard behind TMS XData and I, have prepared two video courses that get you prepared for this series:

  • TMS WEB Core Training Course: Get to know the basics and inner workings of TMS WEB Core and build Web Applications with Delphi. Link.
  • TMS XData Training Course: Getting to know TMS XData by example. Over 14 hours of knowledge how to tackle the new world of Web Services. During the course you will build a project template for all your future Web service projects that contains database access using FireDAC, access control, logging, a modern UI, and much more. And best of all: It’s 20% off!
  • Holger’s Books. TMS WEB Core and TMS XData are frequent topics covered in my books. Browse my full library here.
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