Pro SwiftUI by Paul Hudson is an essential read for any iOS Developer

Pro SwiftUI by Paul Hudson is an essential read for any iOS Developer

You might have seen one or the other post from me referring to Swift. I do not make it a secret that I also spent quite some time in the Apple Swift world recently. Since Delphi in 1996, there really has not been a programming language that hooked me. However, when I first visited and watched a few of Paul Hudson’s videos, I could not stay away. For the first time, I felt the same way as I felt as a 14 year old kid tinkering with Delphi.

Yesterday, Paul released a brand new book featuring advanced topics about SwiftUI. SwiftUI is Apple’s new UI framework that – in my opinion – sooner or later will replace UIKit. So, if you want to build native applications with Xcode and Swift, there is no way around SwiftUI.

Obviously, as Delphi developers we can build great iOS applications using cross-platform development. However, sometimes it is beneficial to have direct access to all APIs in the native language of the platform and gets you there faster.

Paul’s latest book is essential if you want to learn more about the advanced topics of SwiftUI. Paul offers 100 Days of Swift for free and also 100 Days of SwiftUI. It’s an amazing treat available for free. This latest book will give you details about more advanced topics that you will have to deal with when building real-world applications sooner or later.

In particular, he talks about the inner workings of:

  • Layout and Identity
  • Animations and Transitions
  • Environment and Preferences
  • Custom Layouts
  • Drawing and Effects (including SpriteKit)
  • Performance

As this has been released on Sep 1, 2022, all descriptions are up-to-date with iOS 16.

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