Just in! TMS WEB Core 2.0 released

Just in! TMS WEB Core 2.0 released

It has been a loooong time coming, but it is finally here! The first major release number increment – ever – in TMS WEB Core history! And it is a worthy release to kick the major number up to 2. In recent years, TMS WEB Core steadily brought improvements with new components, support for multiple IDEs, debugging, integration with other CSS frameworks, including FNC, and the creation of Web-tech based desktop applications for easier cross-platform software development spawning off the brand of TMS Miletus. Web technologies have had a major impact on all the products in the TMS toolbox. A new branch of controls under the moniker of TMS WX Pack giving access to Web technologies in the VCL and FireMonkey, a cross platform cloud pack with TMS FNC Cloud Pack, and the inception of a cross-platform, cross-service TMS FNC Maps.

With TMS WEB Core 2.0, you will get access to a huge number of new visual controls that will enhance your user interfaces with a few clicks. The improvements to grid and tree view controls are the most important to name here.

As always, the new version also improves the compile process and the integration into the various IDEs that are supported now.

In the following days, get ready for a few intro videos about this major release.

Also, if you are interested Web development and also want to build the backend with a database yourself, be sure to have a look at my latest course showing how to make the best use of TMS WEB Core and TMS XData.

Read the first blog post and watch the first video here: https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/blog.asp?post=959.

Also, you may watch the recording of the one hour webinar, completely dedicated to the new version of TMS WEB Core.