How to tackle Delphi RTTI

How to tackle Delphi RTTI

Talking to a a lot of Delphi developers I know for a fact, they do not even look at RTTI after looking up what the term stands for. The definition seems to be very intimidating. Also, developers rarely see a use case for it. However, being able to query which types are loaded in memory, to find out what their capabilities are, and how to interact with them dynamically can open up a lot of implementation opportunities. With recent Delphi versions, RTTI has become very accessible and I would even demote it from an advanced topic to an intermediate level of difficulty.

And best of all, “How it works with Holger” has two videos at the ready to get you started with RTTI in Delphi.

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2 comments on “How to tackle Delphi RTTI
  1. DelphiCoder says:

    Hi Holger,

    very nice and very good explaining videos!
    You could make use of some shortcuts for beeing faster in coding:

    CTRL + Space for invoking code completion (anywhere or e.g.instead of deleting and readding “.”
    Shift + CTRL + V for bringing up a variable declaration dialog (so you don’t have to switch between the var block and the actual coding postion all the time)
    An alternative for this is typing “var” anywhere in the code and hit TAB or CTRL + J. Then you can type in the var name, TAB again then the desired type, again TAB, done! 🙂

    Maybe you can introduce these tips in one of your next videos!?

    Best regards,

    • Holger Flick says:

      Thank you for your feedback.

      All the things you mention are very much depending on individual preference. My code completion does not auto-invoke, I know just as many developers that use auto-invoke. I would like to focus on Delphi programming and not the IDE. For example, I have most of the things you list disabled and like to type these things to make the videos easier to follow. It gives some “pause”. Also, a lot of people use GExperts or oder IDE plugins with other hotkeys…