“How it Works With Holger” Source code available online

“How it Works With Holger” Source code available online

Hands-on examples are key in all my presentations. “How it works with Holger” has shown dozens of different examples in recent months. I have gotten feedback from the community to offer the source code for download. It has taken me some time to finally get to it, however, the source code is now not only available for download, but also available on GitHub with full versioning support. You can create your own fork and tinker with the source, make additions …

You find the repository at https://github.com/holgerflick/hiw.

The direct link for clone is https://github.com/holgerflick/hiw.git that can be used with any Git client. The directories refer to a topic and each of the subdirectories will (I am still working on it) contain the videos the source refers to. Also, please note, that I did not start collecting the code from the start. There are also quite a few videos that have only a few lines of different code showing variations during the tutorial. These snippets are not available either.

As a Delphi Developer, I recently transferred from SVN to Git and have not had any regrets. Quite the opposite, I found GitKraken quite handy to work with and it has improved my efficiency handling source code managing branches and tags. The number one advantage of this client is, in my opinion, that you see with a brief glance what is of importance.

The “How it works with Holger” repository will always have the latest source code available in the “main” branch.

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