Everything you need to know about … Holger’s first Delphi training course

Everything you need to know about … Holger’s first Delphi training course

I have to admit it has been rather quiet on the book front. However, that does not mean Holger has not been producing content.

Obviously, I am busy producing regular episodes of How it works with Holger. In case you have been living under a rock and missed it, I added the video with the introduction at the end of this post. TMS has also been keeping me busy introducing new innovative products like FNC App Tools or FNC WX Pack, for example.

Still, I would like to take the opportunity to announce that I am working on my first hands-on video training course that will be available within the next weeks. So far, I have recorded about 10 hours of content and the final part is still being worked on.

The course will allow you to watch my videos as many times as you want and source code will be provided for each of the different stages in the course using version control. An individual source code download will be available as well.

As always, my teaching style is based on examples. You will not be getting a course that will teach you one product or one framework inside out. Instead, you will learn how to develop all the software pieces for a scenario.

Not spilling too many beans, the scenario will be a multi-tier example involving VCL, FireDAC, TMS XData, and TMS WEB Core.

More news in a few days! There’s still plenty of time to get caught up with “How it works with Holger” in the meantime or dive into one of my Delphi books

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