Development for the Raspberry Pi with Delphi got even better!

Development for the Raspberry Pi with Delphi got even better!

A couple of weeks ago, TMS announced that it is possible to build native applications for the Raspberry Pi platform using TMS Miletus. TMS Miletus is a technology based on TMS WEB Core that creates cross-platform desktop applications using Web technology.

That does not only read amazing, it actually is amazing!

All the amazing technologies that can be used on the Web, become available on the desktop.

In order to get started, you might have a look at my session from DelphiCon last month:

As TMS software never rests and never stops to innovate, they made the development options for the Raspberry Pi even more attractive. Even though my example shown in the session at DelphiCon requires hardware that only requires a budget of around $150 per client, with the new features announced yesterday, these costs drop to an amazingly attractive $15 !

Hard to believe, I know. Just imagine the possibilities being able to build software for devices that need to be deployed on site and need to work under any conditions. Further, informally speaking, components can be attached on an “electronic” level as well. The Raspberry Pi makes this all possible. As the devices do not produce a lot of heat, several encasings are available to use the device in tough conditions as well. As shown in the session, you can connect to the outside world easily as well and make your “cheap” devices a part of your multi-tiered infrastructure. Obviously, TMS offers products to link to the cloud directly without the need to write your own Web services as shown.

All in all, this once again shows the flexibility and efficiency with which you can build software in Delphi. It is open for third parties like TMS Software to build solutions that go far beyond the Windows desktop application that Delphi is so often only associated with.

Read the announcement on the TMS blog right here:

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