Get more out of the new Delphi 11 Alexandria with hands-on examples!

Get more out of the new Delphi 11 Alexandria with hands-on examples!

You might have read that Embarcadero Technologies recently released a new version of Delphi (on 9/9/2021 at 11am ET to be precise)

The most exciting feature is that now you cannot only build applications for HiDPI displays, but the IDE is compatible with HiDPI displays as well!

As I do not want to leave anything out that might be important to you, please read more about the great new features on the detailed official DocWiki from Embarcadero (Link).

In case you have not looked into my recent book offerings, be sure to have a look at the Hands-On Delphi series. As TMS recently announced that all their controls and components will be available for Delphi 11 shortly, you can practice and learn interesting new aspects about Delphi with these books.

The topics about vector images and building HiDPI user interfaces have gotten renewed significance in particular with the IDE now supporting this natively.

Hands-On with Delphi book series.

All books are available at various Amazon locations. Please use the Web application below (written in TMS WEB Core!) to navigate to the store links at your closest location. The links navigate to the product page with detailed information and an option to look at select pages inside of the books.

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