Delphi projects out of this world

Delphi projects out of this world

Last week, I noticed a post on Facebook that immediately triggered my interest: Dave Akerman posted that one of his Delphi projects was used to manufacture the parachute for the Mars Rover Perseverance which just landed on Mars.

As a resident of Florida, home of the space coast that launched Apollo 11 in 1969, I was more than intrigued to learn more. I invited Dave to a personal interview on Zoom to share with the whole Delphi community. Dave has been using Delphi since version 1 and has some amazing insights to share. His experience truly shows what you can achieve as a Delphi developer in this universe…

Here is the interview in which Dave shares his story his 26 years developing applications with Delphi , how he became interested in air balloons, and what his expectations for Delphi are in the immediate future. Have a look here for another interesting insight on Dave’s balloon hobby and the applications he built using TMS controls:

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