New review of my TMS WEB Core book

New review of my TMS WEB Core book

Fellow Embarcadero MVP Ian Barker not only did read my book about TMS WEB Core, he also was so kind to write and publish a review on his website (Link). As you will learn in his review, we exchange ideas about software development frequently. You will also become very aware of the fact that Ian is not a stranger to the written word. He published books himself and “language” is also a major part of his other professional endeavors away from software development…

Please have a look at his review if you are on the mend if the book about TMS WEB Core might be a good fit for you to develop web application with TMS WEB Core.

As Ian is a native English speaker, he did not mention that there is also a German edition available. If you prefer German, you can order that as well. You can find my books in any Amazon store using the form below. Be aware that this form does not issue an order. It only navigates to the store page.

Thanks to Ian for the great review!

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