Proof-reading my next Delphi book…

Proof-reading my next Delphi book…

Last night, I received the proof print from Amazon of the second book in the Hands-on series that shows practical examples for using Delphi in certain scenario. Again, some of the examples use real-world databases that consist of thousands of records and still perform well without using any magic. Only the power of Delphi will suffice to make it all work.

The book which is almost 400 pages strong focuses on building map-based cross-platform applications with Delphi. For this, the FNC framework and FNC Maps ( from TMS Software will be used. It will take me about two to three weeks to review all the content and publish the book on Amazon. The cover is also still a draft version as the cover of the spine will reflect the color of the framework that is used primarily and some alignments are off. Stay tuned!

You might join me for my German webinar about TMS WEB Core this Thursday, August 13, (

I will also speak about the same topic in English on August 26 (

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4 comments on “Proof-reading my next Delphi book…
  1. Mohammed says:

    Hello Dr. Holger.

    I tried to buy you other two books from Amazon, but the shipping price is more than the price of the book($50 shipping cost for one book), so I cancelled the order.

    If you publish your book as kindle edition, I will be happy to buy them all with new one too.

    • Holger Flick says:

      Thank you for your support. I am sorry to hear that. But as explained in previous blog posts, I cannot offer a digital version in any format. Hopefully the shipping cost are as high due to COVID-19 and will be less in the future. Have you tried contacting Amazon if there is another option in which store (US,UK,…) to order the books?

  2. Mohammed says:

    Thanks Dr. Holger for your reply.

    unfortunately, UK doesn’t deliver to my address and USA site only has one option which is 50$, previously the shipping was around $9 per book, and $15 for two.

    • Holger Flick says:

      I understand. I am quite certain it will return to normal. Just for reference: I had to wait weeks for copies and proofs of my books in the time from March to July. Now, the last proof was delivered within 3 days.