Delphi 10.4: Code completion matches anywhere…

Delphi 10.4: Code completion matches anywhere…

First, I would like to thank Embarcadero for being given permission to blog about the latest Delphi version.

This will not be a very long post as the new code completion technology has been pointed out multiple times. However, I would like to emphasize one of the most useful advantages of the new technology for me: Matches for code completion are made anywhere in events, methods and properties. Let me give you a brief example.

I often want to get additional information about files. For a few years, the Delphi RTL wraps this functionality in TFile. TFile can be used for most file operations and getting meta-data. However, it might be my age, I can never remember the right name and the variations to get time information on a file. With previous Delphi versions I could only use code completion matches when I got the correct prefix of the function or procedure. Something like Get or Set and then it would hopefully show up.

Today, with Delphi 10.4., I simply type ‘time’:

Code completion will list all the methods that deal with time. Be it a set-method or a get-method. This way, I immediately now what my choices are!

It is a tiny difference in behavior, but huge impact when it comes to typing code efficiently. Little enhancements and thoughtful improvements like that should get you just as excited about Delphi 10.4 !

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6 comments on “Delphi 10.4: Code completion matches anywhere…
  1. Lachlan Gemmell says:

    What about Error Insight? Do we dare to dream of code that isn’t littered with random red squiggles?

  2. Dennis says:

    ..and even works after usage of inline vars?

    • Holger Flick says:

      It is a completely new implementation as far as I know. My thought is that the whole reason to redevelop this feature was to support all new language features.

      • Dennis says:

        ..but yet (latest 10.4 beta) still fails to support any of the new language features in terms of refactoring, go-to-definition, et.