New Delphi book with hands-on examples!

New Delphi book with hands-on examples!

In the last couple of weeks, all my blog posts mostly focused on my TMS WEB Core book, which was published in English and German. It is available in many Amazon stores (if it is not directly available in your region, order from a country close to you, COVID19 restrictions might apply right now).

All our lives have changed significantly since COVID-19 hit this planet. In my case, there was significantly more time available to explore Delphi and its technologies. One night, I wanted to prove that web services can be used with very huge databases and started building an example. At the same time, I had gotten a lot of positive feedback about the last chapter in the TMS WEB Core book which presents multiple technologies woven together in a real-life use case. Many buyers were able to apply the example directly to various use cases they needed to fulfill.

Putting 1+1 together… a glass of wine… it might be a good approach to present more real-life Delphi examples in a step-by-step manner … make use of several technologies at the same time….

This is how the book series “TMS Software Hands-on with Delphi” was born.

TMS Software has a huge toolbox of components and software product that make application development with Delphi much easier. However, many Delphi developers struggle to find the right tool for the job or sometimes are simply overwhelmed by the sheer amount of features. For example, very few developers realize that TMS FlexCel is an excellent report generator, has PDF capabilities, and can be used in XData to deliver reports as results of a web service endpoint.

Book 1 is available! Unless before, I am not announcing and making you wait. You can already order it on Amazon in the US, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the UK.

In addition to the front and back cover, this post offers a download of the chapter that gives precise information about the topics covered and the examples provided. It will be very easy to find out if this book is right for you.

The abstract from Amazon:

Learning Delphi by example!

Delphi has been established as one of the best software development tools for Windows desktop applications. Since its inception in 1995, it has constantly grown with the challenges of the IT industry. Today, applications often must be deployable to multiple platforms or mobile devices and offer non-proprietary interfaces for interaction with other software or hardware. TMS Software has been offering software components and products specifically designed for Delphi developers since the first version of Delphi. From recent seminars, conferences, and events TMS realized that practical examples how to make use of their components and products have the greatest learning effect. This idea lead to the Hands-on series. In this first book of the Hands-on series, several examples for a reproducible usage scenario are built.

  • Write a professional web service for a database with over 8 million records.
  • Design VCL, FireMonkey and TMS WEB Core web clients for multiple platforms and devices.
  • Implement a reporting service with XData.
  • Generate signed PDF documents with a customizable template.
  • Add a token-based login to your services.
  • Build user interfaces with vector images to be ready for any display resolution.
  • Encrypt sensitive data using modern algorithms.
  • Use parallel programming to build responsive client applications.
  • Write better code with static code analysis.
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