New VCL video series: Task Dialogs
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New VCL video series: Task Dialogs

Task Dialogs are an essential element of modern Windows applications. They offer an advanced replacement for message boxes and input dialogs. They are part of Windows since version 7, have been extended in Vista and have become a common design-element in Windows 10. Nowadays, your VCL applications should not lack these professional looking dialogs.

TMS offers components that wrap the Windows API and make using Task Dialogs not only easy but also allow for quick, efficient migration of existing applications.

The following video series introduces Task Dialogs, explains how to migrate existing applications, and motivates using a step-by-step approach building 4 exemplary dialogs. The Resources page on this web site page offers a cheat sheet to get you started quickly using the component.

The link below links to a playlist consisting of 7 videos. with a total run-time of about 35 minutes. After the tutorial you will be able to build VCL applications using Task Dialogs quickly. You will also handle migration your existing applications without difficulty.

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