Summary of VCL videos this week (40/19)
geolocation optimization search for best routes in maps app for business delivery service with modern flat style - vector illustration

Summary of VCL videos this week (40/19)

This week my focus was on TWebGMaps, a component to use Google Maps in your VCL applications. Be aware that the very same component is also available for FireMonkey and for TMS Web Core.

First, have a look how to draw a polygon on a map that consists of coordinates that have been read from a web service:

Second, learn how to calculate distances between to places using the Google Maps API. This is one of the features that a lot of developers are unaware of:

Next week, we will post a video that gives you an overview of all the VCL videos posted as part of the National Weather Service demo. Further, we’ll provide a playlist so you can watch all the videos in order.

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