Summary of VCL Video Tutorials this week (38/19)

Summary of VCL Video Tutorials this week (38/19)

Another week flew by and there are 3 new tutorial videos on YouTube.

On Monday, TMS published the webinar how to Modernize your Applications for Windows 10 technologies using TMS components. In this webinar, you’ll learn about modern VCL controls, web application development, multi-framework development, cross-platform development and frameworks that are available to build multi-tier database (VCL) applications.

On Wednesday, you can learn about how to migrate existing VCL database applications to multi-tier architectures using RemoteDB. This video is actually an extract from the webinar in case you are just interested in this topic:

And finally, on Friday, you get hands-on experience how to work with TAdvStringGrid and TFNCCloudImage. Displaying images in a grid is easy, but how can you achieve the same if you just have the URL of the image?

Enjoy the weekend!

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